ZoneAlarm Anti-Spyware

ZoneAlarm Anti-Spyware 7.0

ZoneAlarm antispyware is a security software with firewall and antispam
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ZoneAlarm by Check Point is an Anti-spyware and firewall tool that helps keeping your computer safe from spyware and bots. ZoneAlarm Anti-spyware offers a firewall that provides inbound protection by blocking unwanted access to your computer and outbound protection by controlling program access to the web. ZoneAlarms Anti-spyware provides E-mail protection that saves your PC from adware, malware or spam. Anti-spyware protects your PC from tracking cookies and other activity trackers to offer you a safe internet browsing.

Key Features:
- Firewall that stops bots and hacker from gaining access to your data or system.
- Anti-spyware to save your identity from others.
- Program control to ensure controlled access of programs to the web and to save your private data from being sent over the internet.
- E-mail scanning works against spam and other adwares that you may receive with your emails or attachments.
- Anti-virus monitoring for keeping record of the updates and virus warnings.
- Add/remove trusted or restricted sites according to your requirement.
- Flexible attachment scanning for every extension and file type. You can add/remove any new file type.
- Quarantine feature like all other famous security softwares to manage infected files.
- One click internet lock that can instantly lock the complete internet access.
- Game mode enables you to play games with no disturbance. Auto "allow" or auto "deny" can be set for the security pop-ups.
- A task bar traffic meter that indicated the web traffic.

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